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(filename extension)
A filename extension for images created with the IBM PC Paintbrush tool.

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(1) See PCI-X.

(2) The native bitmapped graphics file format in the earlier PC Paintbrush application. PCX supported monochrome, 2-, 4-, 8- and 24-bit color and uses RLE to achieve compression ratios of approximately 1.1:1 to 1.5:1. Images with large blocks of solid colors compress best under the RLE method. See PC Paintbrush.

(3) (PC to the power of X) In 2001, this was Intel's slogan for the digital home in which the PC was at the center, synchronizing with PDAs and cellphones. The name did not take off in the marketplace.
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The combination of PCX and Marken Japan KK will allow further operational flexibility, cost savings and process optimisation.
'Soon in Romblon, Honda will [use] PCX Electric [to harness a] wind power generator as renewable energy source in the island,' Honda said in a statement.
PCX Starter allows the user to perform these tasks from any machine with a browser and internet connection and not worry about security and fundamental IT challenges like data back-up and server maintenance."
The PCX HYBRID, based on the PCX released in April 2018, is powered by a new high-output lithium ion battery, adding drive assist to the ACG starter that conventionally starts the engine and generates electricity.
Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC), a Japan-based automaker, is launching its PCX hybrid scooter in Japan.
The new capital will enable PCX to continue to grow and enhance their product offerings for new rotorcraft and fixed wing platforms while meeting the advanced requirements of the ever-changing aerospace industry.
This compact hybrid system employs a high-output battery and ACG starter to assist the engine and enables PCX Hybrid to realize a "torqueful" riding performance.
24 h urinary samples were collected at the end of 8 weeks and then centrifuged at 2,000 g for 10 min for the determination of urinary albumin (Ualb), urinary sediment PCX (Upcx), and urinary creatinine (Ucr).
The Alloy's PCX Parallel Cam system spreads the base of the dual lobes out further than previous versions for an increase in lateral stabilization.
Parent-centric recombination (PCX) is a real parameter genetic operator in [43].
At IBC2013, in addition to showing its well-established VX and PCX sound card lines, Digigram will highlight ultra-low latency LoLa series and new IP-audio networking sound cards such as VX-IP and PCX-IP Livewireao.
Honda's PCX 125 is the UK's second best-seller out of all motorcycles and scooters, no doubt because the 2012 version has one of the most economical scooter engines.