personal digital assistant

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personal digital assistant

(PDA), lightweight, hand-held computercomputer,
device capable of performing a series of arithmetic or logical operations. A computer is distinguished from a calculating machine, such as an electronic calculator, by being able to store a computer program (so that it can repeat its operations and make logical
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 designed for use as a personal organizer with communications capabilities; also called a handheld. A typical PDA has no keyboard, relying instead on special hardware and pen-based computerpen-based computer,
computer that uses software to enable it to accept handwriting or drawing as a form of input. A stylus, which may contain special electronic circuitry, may be used to write on the computer display or on a separate tablet.
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 software to enable the recognition of handwritten input, which is entered on the surface of a liquid crystalliquid crystal,
liquid whose component particles, atoms or molecules, tend to arrange themselves with a degree of order far exceeding that found in ordinary liquids and approaching that of solid crystals.
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 display screen. In addition to including such applications as a word processor, spreadsheet, calendar, and address book, PDAs are used as notepads, appointment schedulers, and wireless communicators for sending and receiving data, faxes, and electronic-mail messages. Introduced in 1993, PDAs achieved only modest acceptance during the remainder of the decade due to their relatively high price and limited applications, but improved software and lower prices subsequently led to more widespread use. In the early 21st cent., however, smartphones (see cellular telephonecellular telephone
or cellular radio,
telecommunications system in which a portable or mobile radio transmitter and receiver, or "cellphone," is linked via microwave radio frequencies to base transmitter and receiver stations that connect the user to a conventional
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) equipped with a wide range of applications supplanted PDAs. See also palmtoppalmtop
or hand-held personal computer,
lightweight, small, battery-powered, general-purpose programmable computer. It typically had a miniaturized full-function, typewriterlike keyboard for input and a small, full color, liquid-crystal display for output.
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personal digital assistant

[‚pərs·ən·əl ‚dij·əd·əl ə′sis·tənt]
(computer science)

Personal Digital Assistant

(PDA) A small hand-held computer typically providing calendar, contacts, and note-taking applications but may include other applications, for example a web browser and media player. Small keyboards and pen-based input systems are most commonly used for user input.

The Apple Newton was a fairly early example.

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Part II shows that the use of ADA comparators in PDA cases finds support in the weight of PD A precedent, as well as the legislative history of the PDA.
This holding underscores the significant role that comparisons between pregnant and nonpregnant workers will play in future PDA cases.
Perhaps ironically, but in keeping with the Court's trend of developing sex discrimination law through claims brought by men, the Court's first PDA case was a claim alleging pregnancy discrimination against male employees.
While not a PDA case per se, Nevada Department of Human Resources v.
Against this backdrop, the appearance of these themes in the PDA case law might be viewed as predictable, if not inevitable.
The spreading of these three themes into the PDA case law despite the text of clause two reflects a deep-seated ambivalence about the regulation of pregnancy in the workplace.
CRLB has been derived for the DA case, which can be used as a measure for the NDA and PDA cases also.
The Army is using a bar code scanning solution consisting of Socket Cordless Hand Scanner devices with handheld computers housed in OtterBox PDA cases to increase the speed and efficiency of its blood inventory tracking system while reducing the potential for errors and providing the best possible casualty care.
Supported by upward trends in computer hardware sales, Case Logic's new computer accessories look especially promising, particularly the PDA cases, CD-ROM storage and notebook cases.
The Targus PDA cases are designed for the Palm III(TM), V(TM), VII(TM), Handspring Visor(TM) and various PocketPC models -- such as the HP Jornada 540 Series.
Targus PDA cases are available from the company's extensive network of resellers, by calling 1.