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power distribution unit

A device used in datacenters to distribute AC power to multiple servers and other equipment. Power distribution units (PDUs) range from simple 120v power strips to units that break out 120 volts from 240v and three-phase power. Advanced units are managed remotely via the SNMP management protocol or from a Web browser or other management console, causing outlets to be turned on and off at prescribed times and in a proper sequence for shutting down and powering up equipment. See power strip.

In the Rack
Most power distribution units (PDUs) are used to deliver power to rack-mounted equipment such as this basic 120v unit from APC. (Image courtesy of American Power Conversion Corporation.)

Wired to Go
This more advanced APC unit is connected to the network via the blue Ethernet cable so that outlets can be managed. (Image courtesy of American Power Conversion Corporation.)

protocol data unit

The technical name of a frame of data transmitted over the data link layer (layer 2) in a communications network. Ethernet and Token Ring are examples of this layer. Many people neither use the term PDU nor the term frame, but call every unit of data traveling over a network a "packet." See OSI model and packet.
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"Once product samples from the PDU are tested and approved by our potential customers, licensees and partners, we believe we will be well positioned to enter into contracts with them."
The PDU's accreditation is only presented to units which constantly achieve best practice in health care.
The PDU (Protocol Description Unit) mode is the one of two methods to send and receive SMS messages.
This model of PDU was tested as it is the model currently being used at the testing institution.
Users control the Eye Ball's 360-degree rotation via the PDU and gain visibility through its 6.4-inch color screen.
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Knightdale, NC, August 03, 2013 --(PR.com)-- ESP/SurgeX, the leader in energy intelligence and power protection announces the SurgeX Defender Series Surge + PDU, a solution designed to address the power issues that arise in the SMB office IT setting.