Program Evaluation and Review Technique

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program evaluation and review technique

[′prō·grəm i‚val·yə′wā·shən ən ri′vyü tek‚nēk]
(systems engineering)

program evaluation and review technique (PERT)

A management control technique applied to building construction; determines what must be done to complete construction by a given date. Current construction progress is monitored on a computer and compared with the planned schedule so as to provide a management tool for further planning and decision making.

Program Evaluation and Review Technique

(PERT) A method used to size a software product and calculate the Standard Deviation (SD) for risk assessment. The PERT equation (beta distribution) estimates the Equivalent Delivered Source Instructions (EDSIs) and the SD based on the analyst's estimates of the lowest possible size, the most likely size, and the highest possible size of each computer program component (CPC).
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We used a workflow process, the PERT chart, to organize and manage the many time-delimited tasks necessary for a complex dissertation.
Instead of those one liners, how about a flowchart, Pert chart or Gantt chart?
PERT Chart Expert: Critical Tools(TM) -- Pertmaster Professional: Pertmaster Ltd -- PS8(TM): Sciforma Corp -- SureTrak, P3: Primavera(R) -- WBS Chart Pro: Critical Tools(TM) -- Microsoft(R) Visio -- Microsoft(R) Project 98, 2000, 2002
To avoid the annoyance of an extra page being printed to show just a few days on a bar chart, or a couple of activities on a PERT chart, the user has the option of scaling the graphs to make best use of the printed pages.
Frequently called a flowchart, PERT chart, logic drawing, or logic diagram.
And often these failures occur "even when things look okay on the official PERT chart," he says.
The transition team relied on a comprehensive PERT chart to manage the conversion, and, most importantly, we provided sufficient lead time.
o Multi-Project Management -- the "Window Combine" option brings all open projects together in a single Task Outline, PERT Chart, and WBS Chart for display, editing, roll-up and reporting, while retaining them as distinct projects.
Gantt and PERT charts are good tools for people who speak project management, but they can be confusing to those who do not commonly use them.
You can simply make notes on a desk calendar, or you can use formal project-management tools, such as PERT charts and Gantt charts, and scheduling software.
The scheduling system is integrated with a Project Management system that provides Pert charts, Gantt charts, and critical-path calculation.