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(computer science)
A unit of computer speed, equal to one floating-point arithmetic operation per second.
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Floating-point operations per second.


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(FLoating point Operations Per Second) The measurement of floating point calculations. For example, 100 megaFLOPS (MFLOPS) is 100 million floating point operations per second. See IOPS, instructions per second and space/time.

Name         Number of FLOPS

  megaFLOPS    million

  teraFLOPS    trillion

  petaFLOPS    quadrillion

  exaFLOPS     quintillion
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The Titan supercomputer, which is based in Oakridge in Tennessee and which uses the Cray XK7 supercomputing platform, remains in second place with a top speed of just 17.59 petaflops per second.
The deployment of this system, which delivers the dramatically improved peak performance of 4 petaflops, will meet the expectations of universities and research institutions, as well as private sector researchers, throughout Japan, while promoting the further acceleration of academic research in Japan.
The world's fastest computer, the Cray "Jaguar" machine at Oak Ridge National Lab, boasts peak performance of 2.3 quadrillion ([10.sup.15]) operations per second, or petaflops, equivalent to more than 50,000 desktop computers.
IBM's Sequoia pushes itself up to the 16.3 petaflops mark, and is currently being employed by the Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to run simulations of nuclear weapons testing.
Areas of research include scaling key applications in the Dutch research community to support a large number of cores, new programming tools, Linux system performance and tuning and energy efficient technologies, which are all essential for petaflop systems.
I hope you will consider many more H PC Webcasts, perhaps dealing with petaflop supercomputing aspects, such as a focus on the DARPA Phase 2 and upcoming Phase 3 winners.
Technical computing provider SGI (Nasdaq:SGI) announced on Thursday that it has been selected to provide services and select products in support for a new 1.3 petaflop high performance computing (HPC) system installed at the International Fusion Energy Research Center (IFERC) in Rokkasho, Japan.
This new Cray CS300 system has been combined with the University's current Cray cluster supercomputer and is reportedly providing researchers and scientists with a 1.1 petaflop system for computational science.
The world's first supercomputer to break the petaflop barrier, the US Department of Energy's RoadRunner system had been decommissioned.
The IBM computer built for the "roadrunner project" at Los Alamos National Lab -- the first in the world to operate at speeds faster than one quadrillion calculations per second (petaflop) -- remains the world speed champion.
(2) Petaflop: 1,000 trillion floating-point operations per second.