preimplantation genetic diagnosis

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preimplantation genetic diagnosis:

see embryo screeningembryo screening,
procedure (see genetic testing) in which a single cell is removed from an embryo two or three days after it has been conceived through in vitro fertilization and tested for genetic abnormalities.
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The clinic has recently reported two successful pregnancies in Muscat following PGD, which not only highlights the outstanding proficiency of the embryology team, but also demonstrates the adeptness of the clinical team for their sustained effort and commitment to achieving 73 per-cent successful pregnancy rates.
If both parents are carrying the same mutation, there is a 25 per cent chance the baby might be affected - that's where the PGD part comes in.
Some people feel that recognition of PGD as a mental health condition could stigmatise people, but it can be comforting to receive the diagnosis.
The Verax PGD test is already FDA cleared as a Safety Measure for bacterial contamination in platelets, meaning it can also be used to extend platelet dating to 7 days when testing apheresis platelets in plasma.
The reverse eugenics of therapeutic PGD privileges wealthy whites above other races and classes, and it exacerbates race and class distinctions.
The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA)--which oversees all fertility clinics and embryonic research in the UK--is currently considering the gene for X-linked ocular albinism for screening by UK PGD clinics.
While PGD has no religious restrictions, abortions do," said Dr Al Hejari.
Effected embryos identified during the PGD process cannot be used for implantation but can instead be donated by patients to develop stem cell lines carrying the genetic disease.
Parents who can afford to utilize PGD have the opportunity to select embryos for implantation that are free of certain genetic disease markers.
PGD is similar to the prenatal diagnosis used to screen for various genetic diseases before birth, but its advantage is that it allows the selection of certain embryos before their transfer back to the uterus and avoids selective pregnancy terminations.
CBEC is now pleased to announce the first "Call for Applications" for intake of students for the PGD Class of 2014 and MBE Class of 2015.
Among the topics are the weak moral basis for strong PGD regulation, unintended consequences and future challenges of statutory regulation in Britain, the welfare of the child principle and the use of PGD to select for disability, the case for controlling and restricting access to PGD for sex-selection, and an insider's view of how the state regulates the use of PGD with human leukocyte antigen tissue-typing in New Zealand.