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a river in the Mordovian ASSR and Gorky Oblast, RSFSR, a left tributary of the Sura (Volga River basin). The P’iana is 436 km long and drains an area of 8,060 sq km. It is noted for its extreme meandering. Karst caves and sinkholes are frequent along the riverbanks. The river is fed primarily by snow. Its mean flow rate is 25 cu m per sec, with a maximum flow rate of 1,500 cu m per sec and a minimum flow rate of 10–12 cu m per sec. The P’iana freezes in November, and the ice breaks up in April. The lower course is navigable. The city of Sergach is on the P’iana.

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Asi pues, al considerarla un experimento, propusimos "Etnoarqueologia Experimental" como denominacion generica a este acercamiento etnoarqueologico (Vila-Mitja y Piana 1993).
En primer lugar, hasta el momento no se conocen en la region localidades especificas caracterizadas por el acceso a recursos criticos o especificos (Orquera y Piana 1999b).
Gokalp estimated the cost for a bespoke man's suit made from Lora Piana's 130 fabric will be around Euro 1,300 with two or three fittings.
Yacimientos arqueologicos pequenos o restringidos, con un domo poco marcado o conchales acintados, relativamente alejados de la costa actual y dentro del bosque (como es el caso de Ajej I) ya se conocian en la costa norte del Canal Beagle, sin embargo, hasta ese momento, solo se habia excavado el sitio Tunel II (Piana y Canale 1995).
Q.James Bespoke three-button suit (fabric by Loro Piana, super 120s) and French-cuff shirt (Sea Island cotton); Anthony T.
The store sells traditional and contemporary sportswear with brands such as Oxxford, Robert Talbott, Bobby Jones, Lorenzini, Lora Piana, Luciano and Seven Jeans.
Victor Piana de Andrade, * Jorge Luiz Mello Sampaio, * Maria da Conceicao Lucas, * Liang Fung, * Sandra Maria B.
The versatile Karina sliced over five seconds from the target set by Guy Williams and Loro Piana Hamlet to win.
Department of Commerce has revoked the export license it has granted annually since 1995 to Send a Piana to Havana, a non-profit group that donates pianos to music schools in Cuba.
The program includes an account of wall climber Paul Piana's visit to the remote oasis of Timbuktu, his encounters with Dogon tribesman who climb cliffs to bury their dead in funerary caves, and his climbing party's exploration of a new route up "Fatima's Hand," a rock feature on the Bandiagara escarpment.
According to Aquino, "Neighboring retailers to 810 Madison Avenue include Emanuel Ungaro, Max Mara, Donna Karan, Loro Piana, Dolce & Gabbana, Joseph, Kaufman de Suisse and TSE Cashmere.