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an old Russian measurement of length, equal to the distance between the tips of the outstretched thumb and index finger. In modern Russian the word piad’ is encountered only in the figurative sense, in the expressions piad’ zemli (a small piece of land), ni piadi (meaning not to yield an inch), and semi piadei vo Ibu (said of a very intelligent and capable person).

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De meme, il souligne qu'il etait complexe par sa petite stature, et que ses conflits avec Miranda, Piar et San Martin peuvent s'expliquer parce que ces derniers etaient tous beaucoup plus grands que lui (224) ...
State Bolivar: Piar, Massif of Chimanta, plateau of Acopantepui, J.
The similarities Gurgani shares with other members of the Caspian group include (1) a lack of ergative construction in the past conjugation of transitive verbs, as in MazandaranI and Gllaki, which are perhaps influenced by Persian; (2) a prevalence of postpositions, an areal trait; (3) a lack of direct/oblique inflection in kinship terms such as mar and piar, as against some other NW dialects; (4) a similar system of personal pronouns; and (5) common words such as xdjir "fine," tolar "stable," mazget "mosque," barfa "brow" with MazandaranI and Gllaki; a striking similarity is Gur.
Dwi ddim yn cofio chwaith pwy oedd piar babell y bu fy ffrindiau a minnaun ei defnyddio mewn gwahanol Eisteddfodau.