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When, a moment later, the blacks came they saw even from a distance that Tantor had eluded them, for the size of the hole in the pit covering was too small to have accommodated the huge bulk of an elephant.
Some of them there had glimpsed this forest god before and they drew back in terror, awed by the presence which they had for some time believed to possess the miraculous powers of a demon; but others there were who pushed forward, thinking only of the capture of an enemy, and these leaped into the pit and lifted Tarzan out.
Mounds where the grass was rank and high, and where brambles, dock-weed, and such-like vegetation, were confusedly heaped together, they always avoided; for dismal stories were told in that country of the old pits hidden beneath such indications.
At the point where we left the pits of Zat Arras we found the body of the guard Carthoris had slain.
Some half-hour later we came to the pits beneath our own palace, and soon thereafter emerged into the audience chamber itself, where we found Kantos Kan, Tars Tarkas, Hor Vastus, and Xodar awaiting us most impatiently.
'It is not possible to meet the demand for the return of employees from the Raspotocje pit, but we will try to agree with Elektroprivreda BiH to employ new workers as soon as possible' announced the director of Zenica Coal Mine Nevzet VrA!kic.
Semafo Inc (STO:SMF) (TSX:SMF), a Canadian-based intermediate gold producer, reported on Monday a pit wall failure at Mana in the Wona pit.
The second animal was caught minutes later, police told local media. The owner of the dogs, who assisted officers with the search, agreed to surrender the pit bulls to the Humane Animal Rescue shelter, where they were later euthanized. 
11, 2018, AMI will be responsible for managing gravel pit operations, without limiting the scope of work to be performed, the services under the contract as follows:
Yesterday morning in Nantou County's Xinyi Township, a pit bull terrier broke free from its chain and ran into the parking lot of the Dream Works of the Mei winery to brutally attack a black dog fed by local residents, who nicknamed him "Little Black".
In modern mechanized 'ring pit' method, sugarcane setts are planted and raised in round pits.
Development of the China pit would include all major infrastructure required for later mining development while consuming only 26% of the Bawdwin property's current indicated and inferred mineral resources.