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(1) A firewall brand name from Cisco. See Cisco PIX.

(2) (Photographic Information EXchange) A website of the U.S. Department of Energy that contains pictures related to energy efficiency and the research work of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. For more information, visit www.nrel.gov/data/pix.

(3) Slang for "pictures" (pics).
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pixis, pix

A shrine to contain the host or consecrated wafer. (See illustration p. 734.)
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"Through this technology partnership, we can now offer a TV newsroom solution that can adapt to the needs of any TV newsroom, while putting high-end features within the reach of more cost-conscious smaller to mid-sized TV stations," said Tony Mastantuono, product manager, Broadcast Pix. "Working closely with our valued partner, we've created yet another fully integrated solution that combines the strengths of our respective products into a flexible, yet powerful solution."
"We are excited to partner with Gencom, which has proven its ability to showcase innovative solutions including Broadcast Pix," said Dennis Breckenridge, Broadcast Pix's director of sales in the Asia-Pacific.
He admitted he blamed Mr Williams for his predicament, but said his hand gestures were defiant shakes of the fist as he shouted "Justice for Mr Pix." The case was adjourned for final submissions and conclusion on June 5..
"It's just recently we have started to accept commissions on a larger scale and we even have someone in Australia licensed out to produce Choc Pix bars there.
Title stems from one of Variety's most famous headlines ("Sticks Nix Hick Pix").
But just the pix plus my rudimentary schoolboy German is enough to wish they did.
This bible--with its blow-by-blow episode synopses, never-before-seen pix, and interviews with actors, writers, and producers--is sure to tide you over.
The purpose of this article is to address the politics of the representation of the Islamic irruption on the Iberian Peninsula in the plays of two Stuart playwrights, William Rowley and Mary Pix. Rowley's All's Lost by Lust, first performed in 1622, tells the events of Tariq's invasion and Roderick's defeat in a vague but still recognizable form.
To access the "mMode Pix" service, users must attach a miniature digital camera accessory to the bottom of a Sony Ericsson T68i phone, Once the camera is attached, the phone's screen becomes a viewfinder, and customers can take pictures by pushing a button.
7 supermarket chain Publix expands operations into Tennessee in the coming months, it no doubt will continue testing its Pix convenience store concept on Southern consumers.
With its new support for Cisco's Secure PIX Firewall 5.x and Check Point's FireWall-1 firewall systems, Solsoft NP has now according to Solsoft become the first product capable of providing security management services for all leading firewalls, routers and switches.
One easy way is to use the Kid Pix Slideshow software, an inexpensive "paint" program designed for young children.