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The logarithm (to base 10) of the reciprocal of the equilibrium constant for a specified reaction under specified conditions.


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The country code for Pakistan.
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'We are pleased to see Redis Enterprise Kubernetes Operator for VMware Enterprise PKS available on VMware Cloud Marketplace,' said Milin Desai, GM, Cloud Services, VMware.
"ARC market research shows that solutions like Honeywell Experion PKS HIVE address key issues for customers around project risk and ultimately project cost," said Mark Sen Gupta, research director, ARC Advisory Group.
Structural brain abnormalities in patients with severe PKS have been described in imaging studies.
The Hamburger Law Firm, Tabner, Ryan and Keniry LLC and Jackson Lewis advised PKS.
Due to the supervisory failures, Vungarala misled the tribe by telling its members "that neither PKS nor he would receive commissions on its purchases," the regulatory group says.
Experion PKS Orion now employs an expanded portfolio of innovative solutions for improving project execution and commissioning, modernising control system infrastructure, expanding standards compliance and interoperability, and providing a path for continuous technology evolution.
He also revoked the operating licence of PKS Travel, of which Anthony Cooper was a partner.
"Nipmuc pressured us consistently and constantly, and we just held our own, and got to those PKs. When you get to those PKs, anything can happen.''
16 ( ANI ): Indonesia's biggest Islamic party, the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), has been surrounded by a shocking controversy, involving hotel room sex, money laundering and huge bribes to import beef in past one week.
A large area is required for the disposal of these POW materials, namely the palm fibre (PF), the palm kernel shell (PKS) and the palm oil fuel ash (POFA).