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A pathological condition in which the urine contains hemoglobin.



the presence of hemoglobin in urine. It usually is a result of the intravascular decomposition of red blood cells following the transfusion of incompatible blood, the effect of some chemical and biological poisons and drugs that cannot be tolerated or of any of several causative agents of infections, extensive injuries, and so on.

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Em 2008, as atividades de formacao da PNH no SUS-Para se iniciaram de forma sistematica com a realizacao das "Oficinas de Sensibilizacao HumanizaSUS-Para", as quais antecederam o primeiro processo de formacao de apoiadores institucionais, promovido com a parceria da Coordenacao Estadual de Humanizacao, Coordenacao Nacional da PNH e Escola Tecnica do SUS5, e concluido no ano seguinte.
In March 2007, the FDA granted marketing approval for Alexion's first product, Soliris, for all patients with PNH and Alexion began commercial sale of Soliris in the U.
Eculizumab, an investigational drug therapy, has been granted Orphan Drug Status in the PNH indication from both the United States and European regulatory agencies.
Researchers from South Korea presented data confirming that hemolysis is an independent risk factor for TE in patients with PNH.
However, while patients with PNH did not receive less education than age- and gender-matched HCs, they were more likely to be out of work.
is one of the recurrent questions that mobilize the PNH members.
PLH y PNH se alternaron en el poder mostrando con su gestion en el gobierno que cada vez se parecian mas ideologica y programaticamente (Ajenjo, 2007).
Patients with PNH present clinical features of unexplained hemolytic anemia like fatigue, jaundice and red colored urine.
A PNH articula suas acoes com base em tres eixos centrais (12): direito a saude, trabalho criativo e valorizado e producao e disseminacao do conhecimento.
All patients had PNH diagnosed by flow cytometry, and 61% had begun eculizumab therapy before conception.
Elizabeth Griffiths, Hemotologist and Oncologist from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and one of the few doctors in the world who has diagnosed and treated PNH, joins Host Ereka Vetrini to discuss this rare and potentially deadly disease, its definition, rarity, symptoms -- which may be common to other medical conditions - and devastating mortality rates.
13, PNH is asking families and businesses in Central Massachusetts to Adopt-a-Family by dropping off toys and gift cards so that volunteers can distribute them to veterans and their families who could use a helping hand this holiday season.