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(1) (Proof Of Concept) See PoC exploit.

(2) (Power Over Cable) Sending data and power over the same line. See PoE and HDBaseT.

(3) (Power Over Coax) Using coaxial cable to send PoE (Power over Ethernet) signals a distance of a half mile or more. The PoC device converts PoE to a coaxial-compatible signal that is transmitted to the PoC unit at the other end. See PoE.
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The BCDA is at the forefront of the preparations as the site will play host to several events, said the POC, which has already tasked key people to handle different facets of the hosting.
But with the support of the NSAs, the government (Philippine Sports Commission) and the POC board, we will make sure that it will come true.
Prospero Pichay defended the fort for the POC, as PSC Commissioners Ramon Fernandez, Charles Maxey, Arnold Agustin and Celia Kiram sought entry to the assembly, saying they wanted to sit as observers in the sensitive POC exercise.
Vargas is seeking the POC presidency in the hopes of instituting changes and reforms that he hopes will help boost the state of Philippine sports in general.
Organizations that have a dedicated person in the position of POC coordinator are better able to keep on top of all these issues and to identify time drains and develop strategies to combat them.
The report identifies the unmet needs in the market while providing an understanding of physicians' perceptions in using and evaluating the adoption of different types of POC devices.
North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico, accounted for the largest share of the global POC diagnostics market as at 2013, mainly driven by the very large and increasing addressable patient population base.
This report covers all major infectious disease areas addressed by POC technologies:
While a state department of health might accept such a poorly written POC, in cases involving litigation, the document would be scrutinized happily by a plaintiff's attorney and interpreted as expressing indifference to regulatory compliance.
The majority paid lip service to this concern by observing that a facility may preserve its right to appeal simply by refusing to submit a POC upon being found out of compliance.
Vargas clinched the presidency of the POC ending the reign of Jose (Peping) Cojuangco, who was at the helm of the committee since 2004.
25, 2016 on account of POC ruling that requires candidates to be present in majority of the General Assembly meetings for the past two years.