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a sterile liquid prepared from cultures of attenuated tubercle bacillus and used in the diagnosis of tuberculosis
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a diagnostic agent used to detect an allergic reaction in individuals infected with tubercle bacilli. It was first discovered by R. Koch.

Several types of tuberculin are produced in the USSR, as follows. Liquid tuberculin, or old tuberculin (OT), is prepared by boiling a bouillon culture of tubercle bacilli. Purified protein derivative of tuberculin (PPD) is prepared by adding to a filtrate of bacilli various chemical substances that precipitate proteins, and then purifying the mixture. Liquid purified protein derivative of tuberculin (PPD-L) is prepared by making standard dilutions of purified protein derivative of tuberculin. The tuberculin test detects the presence of tuberculosis; those persons who react positively should then be vaccinated against the disease. The tuberculin test serves as a means of both early diagnosis and of evaluation of the course of tuberculosis. Only the intracutaneous Mantoux test is in wide use in the USSR.

Veterinaries use the tuberculin test to diagnose tuberculosis in animals. The tuberculin is occasionally injected subcutaneously; more commonly, it is injected intracutaneously or into the conjunctival sac. Animals that react positively are considered tuberculotic. A positive reaction is manifested by inflammatory edema after an intracutaneous injection and by purulent conjunctivitis in the eye test.

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A preparation containing tuberculoproteins derived from Mycobacterium tuberculosis used in the tuberculin test to determine sensitization to tubercle bacilli.
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The bioactivity of drugs was studied by comparing experimental tuberculin lots with the standard avian PPD tuberculin (Kursk Biofactory, Russia).
The bioactivity of drugs was determined by comparing them with the standard avian PPD tuberculin lot.
Avian PPD tuberculin in dilution 25, 5, and one international unit (IU) was administered not farther than 30 mm from the tested drug.
They are comparable to the industrial avian PPD tuberculin (+-20%).
Avian PPD tuberculin was administered on the right side; the tested allergen was administered on the left side at a dose of 125 TU in 0.1 cm3 of sterile physiological saline.
The results of these studies allow concluding that with subcutaneous administration, sensitins have biological and specific activity that is identical to that of avian PPD tuberculin. This allows manufacturing differential tuberculin tests for cattle from newly bred strains of AM in Kazakhstan.
Unless specifically contraindicated, HIV-positive persons a) who have positive reactions to PPD tuberculin ([is greater than or equal to]5 mm of induration), b) who have not already been treated for TB infection, and c) whose test results exclude active TB should be considered for 12 months of preventive therapy with isoniazid (48).
Because of apparent PPD anergy among some asymptomatic persons with HIV infection, HIV-infected persons should be evaluated for DTH anergy in conjunction with PPD tuberculin testing.