Point-to-Point Protocol

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Point-to-Point Protocol

[‚pȯin· tü ‚pȯint ′prōd·ə‚kȯl]
A standard governing dial-up connections of computers to the Internet via a telephone modem. Abbreviated PPP.

Point-to-Point Protocol

(communications, protocol)
(PPP) The protocol defined in RFC 1661, the Internet standard for transmitting network layer datagrams (e.g. IP packets) over serial point-to-point links.

PPP has a number of advantages over SLIP; it is designed to operate both over asynchronous connections and bit-oriented synchronous systems, it can configure connections to a remote network dynamically, and test that the link is usable. PPP can be configured to encapsulate different network layer protocols (such as IP, IPX, or AppleTalk) by using the appropriate Network Control Protocol (NCP).

RFC 1220 describes how PPP can be used with remote bridging.

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.protocols.ppp.

A paper on PPP.
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I remember feeling very butch that I could configure my Trumpet Winsock and figure out how to establish a dial-up PPP connection.
The latest version is much improved and stable, and runs with dialup serial lines to either a SLIP or PPP connection to your service provider.
The Internet software used to access the PPP connection to the Internet was Trumpet Winsock and the mall handling program was Eudora.
CAN@net is an external CAN interface, which enables an Internet/Ethernet or PPP connection (Point-to-Point Protocol, a protocol for communication between computers using TCP/IP) between the CAN system and a PC.
It is instead an integrated telephone that connects to the Internet through a dialup PPP connection.
The new version has the option to open a PPP connection, retrieve the requested stock quotes, and close the connection once the update has been completed.
If the server is not connected directly to the Internet, then the new software uses the XP server's internal modem to dial over a phone line and establish a PPP connection identical with that of an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Beginning with a discussion of networking standards and basic hardware and cabling, the work covers topics such as ethernet networking, spanning tree algorithms, IP protocols such as TCP, UDP and SCTP, address resolutions systems, routing, virtual local networks, IP on PPP connections, network administration, security and flow management.
0 software supports multi-link PPP connections for the company's Leonardo, Marco and Pinocchio ISDN adaptors, enabling users to connect at up to 256kb/s to ISPs supporting the protocol.
Variables tracked include: amount of data transferred, signal strength, response time, or number of PPP connections or channels connected.
Soon the library will offer all account holders PPP connections to a Mosaic server that will contain access to state and local information, including government data, tourist, and arts and entertainment information in text, graphic, and sound clip formats.
PhatNet Personal Edition monitors PPP connections only; the Professional product also enables collection and filtering of network packets directly from the Ethernet network adapter in a promiscuous mode for all common forms of packet data and security performance information, allowing information to be exported in standard formats for charting and statistical analysis.