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The date and venue for the oathtaking ceremony of the new successful examinees would be announced later, the PRC said.
PRC-Sindh's Chairperson Shahnaz Hamid on the occasion shared in detail the current position of the PRC and also reflected upon the challenges the organization might face in the future.
The PRC, however, said initial registrants who were able to secure an appointment at their Central Office on P Paredes Street, Sampaloc, Manila, should follow their scheduled date and place of appointment.
Since last week, the PRC has been on the ground providing humanitarian assistance to the areas affected by Urduja.
He said that the PRC is eager to expend its humanitarian services to the remotest parts of Pakistan including GB to save lives and improve livelihoods through various community based approaches.
He encouraged PRC clients, particularly registered professionals and applicants of licensure examinations to visit any of the service centers for transactions, such as application for licensure examination; renewal of professional identification card; issuance of duplicate professional identification card; and certification and authentication of professional identification card, board certificate, and board rating.
I have already mentioned in my previous letters that a weak and aimless NGO never succeeds in achieving lofty goals, and I once again reiterate that lavish dinners must be stopped and concrete steps be taken otherwise PRC would disappear in thin air in a society where many other issues of equal importance are taking priorities.
The four physicians elected to serve on the PRC contract with Banner Estrella for staggered, three-year terms.
He added, "We look forward to partnering with The PRC Group on this exciting venture, and to enhancing our relationship with Hovnanian Enterprises, which is both a Mack-Cali tenant and a potential co-developer with us on a transit village project.
The Dalai Lama knew that the PRC had devoted years to its search for the reincarnation and must have realized that it would not just stand idly by.
According to PRC, Turbodyne backed out of its deal to purchase PRC's Dasibi Environmental Corp.
Since the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949, the Nationalist government of the ROC at Nanking has ruled Taiwan while the Communist government of the PRC controlled the Chinese mainland.