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Kindle e-book formats

Amazon's Kindle readers support a variety of e-book formats, including MOBI, AZW, KF8/AZW3 and PRC. MOBI came from Mobipocket, which Amazon acquired in 2005, and files may use the MOBI or PRC extension. MOBI is also widely used without copy protection in online libraries where free e-books are available. AZW is a copy-protected version of MOBI, and both AZW and MOBI are Amazon proprietary formats.

The latest and most advanced format is KF8 (Kindle Fire 8), also known as AZW3. KF8 supports HTML5 and CSS3, which are Web standards that provide advanced font and layout formatting.

Third-party software such as Calibre, pronounced "Cal-ih-bur" (, is used to convert EPUB and other e-book formats to Kindle formats. See Kindle.
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Abbr. for “precast reinforced concrete.”
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Syed Fakhar Imam said the PRCS always rendered valuable services during natural disasters and emergencies and it remained in the vanguard of action during the quake of 2005 and floods of 2010, 2014, and 2015.
'Ever since the catastrophic earthquake of 2005, the PRCS has helped to educate and create awareness in the public as to how to deal with natural calamities,' said the AJK president.
It is a good omen that despite resource constraint, PRCS Azad Kashmir chapter is determined to impart training of disaster response to a vast section of the population in target areas.
The Ambassador Kuninori Matsuda, Chairman of the PRCS, Dr Saeed Elahi and other guests attended the ceremony.
Japan provided the PRCS with $71,501 in financial assistance last year for the transportation of four ambulances from Japan to Pakistan, the installation of emergency and first aid equipment and training of PRCS staff.
Major (r) Irfan, who also holds the charge of deputy director logistics and deputy director procurement at the PRCS, is currently serving one-month notice period leading to termination of his service contract.
Appreciating the delivery of 300 first aid boxes, Khalid Bin Majeed said the PRCS was hugely indebted to the Turkish Red Crescent Society for this goodwill gesture.
Tariq Jamali applauded the humanitarian initiatives and activities of PRCS. He said NBP will enhance its cooperation with PRCS to extend community services across Pakistan.
134 also called for the inclusion of PRCS programs and operations in the yearly budget of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).
The facts are as follows: a PRCS' team arrived at the scene and started providing First Aid to the wounded.
Pakistan's premier telecom operator Ufone has joined hands with Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) to pursue its tradition of remembering the flood-affectees through thick and thin.