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1. the superior of a house and community in certain religious orders
2. the deputy head of a monastery or abbey, ranking immediately below the abbot
3. (formerly) a chief magistrate in medieval Florence and other Italian republics


Matthew. 1664--1721, English poet and diplomat, noted for his epigrammatic occasional verse



(1) A superior of a small Catholic monastery.

(2) The official second in rank after the grand master in various religious orders of knights.

(3) In the medieval communes of central Italy, the head of a guild, who was usually a member of the commune’s administration (priorate).

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(45) This is not likely to apply to the accused unless he testifies and has made a statement prior to trial that is inconsistent with his in-court testimony.
The Posterior Distribution of the Parameter using Informative Prior (IP): The distribution of the time-to- failure system usually follows
[H.sub.1]: Telling jurors about the prior crimes of a defendant dramatically increases their disposition to convict him and thereby puts at unnecessary risk many innocent defendants with criminal records.
After a strong rebound in June, sales decreased in July; the major sectors in rebound in the prior month declined in July.
9,512), so the number of prior authorizations increased by 73.8% (1,088 vs.
In the first three months of 2019, the Group received orders worth 210.4 million euros, an increase of 5.6 percent (prior year: 199.2 million euros).
The joint uniform prior for both shape and scale parameter is:Equation
Russell further said the momentum and the psyche changed because they knew Prior was going to come at them, adding he plays with no shackles and that's so refreshing, and he is just a phenomenal player, at the minute, he's the best in the world as he sees it and any team in the world would want him.
However, the selection of control patients in some prior studies raised questions about possible unmeasured confounding, he noted.
Like his opposite number Brad Haddin, Prior is a top-quality batsman and his ability to score quick runs makes his performance an attractive buy at 94 with Sporting Index.
prior to : [sup.2]before 2 <The project must be finished prior to July.>
Building on the same sites as option two, but with added scope for health provision and youth facilities, new homes around Queen Margaret's Road and a new park in the Prior Deram area to go towards replacing open space lost to new homes on Prior Deram Park.