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Abbr. for “planed, tongued, and grooved.”
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Relationships between disaster and adverse mental health outcomes are documented in the literature, but the bulk of PTG research remains outside this area.
In China, there was only (1) study (8) of PTG in stroke survivors, and research on the formation process of PTG were limited.
The following was the overarching research question guiding our study: To what extent are trauma experience and PTG correlates and predictors of career adaptability?
PTG has over 25 years of staff expertise in the food industry and specializes in proposing advanced and customized technologies.
Today we have just over 7 million members, increasing at a rate of 2 million new members per year, and we ensure that the service to PT Max Card members is consistent throughout all of PTG's businesses.
Although seven measures assessing PTG have been published (Linley, Andrews, & Joseph, 2007), the most widely-used is the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI; Tedeschi & Calhoun, 1996).
Conclusion: It was concluded that there was a high prevalence of resilience as PTG in majority of troops one year after deployment in a combat area.
Referring the major achievements of the institutions, he said that PTG students won 187 gold, 36 silver and 70 Bronze medals in national and international competitions on science, environment and other fields since last two years which was a distinction among all other educational institutions of the country.
As part of the agreement, the university's Prof Alan Myers will become its first Chair of Machine Tool Technology while Prof Christopher Holmes, general manager of PTG division Holroyd Advanced Developments, will become the first Visiting Researcher.
Mosher et al.'s (2006) small sample of daughters of breast cancer sufferers revealed that participants had similar PTG levels when compared with patients.