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Abbr. for “planed, tongued, and grooved.”
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For decades PTG has been a key provider to some of the world's largest companies across many industries, including retail, restaurants, hospitality, education, automotive and franchise businesses.
Social support has been positively correlated with PTG for individuals living with chronic illness (Nenova, DuHamel, Zemon, Rini, & Redd, 2013; Sim et al.
TET: PTG has expanded into several non-fuel businesses such as Punthai Coffee, Coffee World, Autobacs, Pro Truck, and Renewable Energy.
Prior studies have found three basic variants on the construct of PTG that either: (1) consider growth as a unitary construct (monofactorial), (2) indicate that growth has one personal, one interpersonal, and one transpersonal dimension, which is consistent with the initial PTGI theory, or (3) support the five-factor structure of the PTGI scores, which can be seen as a variation on (2) above.
Maguen et al10 also found frequent reports of PTG among veterans of the Persian Gulf War while still in the combat zone.
Referring the major achievements of the institutions, he said that PTG students won 187 gold, 36 silver and 70 Bronze medals in national and international competitions on science, environment and other fields since last two years which was a distinction among all other educational institutions of the country.
Neil Jones, business development director at PTG, said: "We are delighted to have embarked on this exciting partnership with the University of Hudders-field.
In agreement with the existing literature, the investigation is guided by the following goals: (1) to compare the factor structure, correlations, and internal consistency of the Portuguese PTGI with the original version; (2) to correlate PTG with PTSD symptoms and distress; (3) to study the predictive effects of PTSD levels on PTG; (4) to study the demographic, clinical, and psychosocial predictors of higher PTG; (5) to compare PTG levels between adult children with parental cancer diagnoses and adult children without a chronically ill parent (comparison group).
The PTG Executive Committee decided to continue support of the Gear Research Institute via an annual membership fee.
Longitudinal studies have found long-term stability for PTG more than three years post trauma (Linley & Joseph, 2004; McMillen, Smith, & Fisher, 1997; Pietrzak et al.