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"After the success of our recent Dachshund Cafe, we simply had to bring Pug Cafe to Newcastle too," the organisers say.
Not long after this he then suffered a lung torsion (twisted lung) which again is common in pugs.
As well as pugs and unicorns, Tefal will put on sale their flamingo frying pans with JD Williams, which proved popular in 2018.
Jordan said she was suspicious of the low price for the unusually coloured pug which would actually cost around double of what was advertised.
This concern is highlighted by a recent report which lists French bulldogs and Pugs as being top of the list of dog breeds which vets most commonly suspect of being imported illegally into the UK.
They also work to educate any potential owners who are thinking of getting a pug, so they are aware of how to properly cope with the breed.
The mutts will also get to strut their stuff at the "Hound Dog" show and "Pug Me Tender", as well as a "Elvis & Pricilla Pug Parade" to round off the weekend tomorrow.
The depth of pug method typically involves manually measuring (with a ruler) the depth of 20 pug marks randomly selected within a given area.
The award-winning indie film, 'Tu Pug Imatuy,' will be among the movies featured in this year's Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) from August 15 to 21.
WE'VE had the Cat Cafe and the Pug Cafe, but now Sausage Dogs are to get their own eatery.