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1. dried decayed wood that smoulders when ignited: used as tinder
2. any of various other substances that smoulder when ignited, esp one used to light fireworks



a material that smolders when a spark falls on it. Punk is used to start a fire by striking steel against a flint. It is prepared from the sporophores of various fungi of the genus Fomes, particularly the tinder fungus (F. fomentarius), which grows mainly on the birch tree. To obtain punk, the sporophore is separated from the rest of the fruiting body, impregnated with potassium nitrate, and dried. Punk was used to kindle fires primarily before matches came into widespread use.

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Early demos, ironically, were cut for EMI - one of the main targets for punk's bile, but the company backed off when they heard the material.
PUNK PHOTO ALBUM: Rich Mulligan in the early days of punk (right) with mates Sheriff, Brophie and Craig, and (above) with Toni Campbell.
Early punk, while fast, stuck to the verse/chorus/verse/chorus/solo/chorus format of traditional rock n' roll, and the songs were a radio friendly three or so minutes.
Aside from the risk of turning anger into a goal, another danger of being a punk PM is that you might slide into the role of rebel without a cause.
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Subs and the Adicts emerge as inspirational and even respectable defenders of the punk sociopolitical faith.
The meeting, Calling Paisley Punks, is due to take place at the Tannahill Centre on Blackstoun Road, tonight from 6pm.