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picowatt (pW)

A unit of power equal to a millionth of one-millionth of a watt (i.e., 10-12 W).


The country code for Palau.
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For each run, the genotyping function in the software was used to assign the control samples for normal (n = 3), AS (n = 3), and PWS (n = 3) as normal, AS, or PWS.
Most of the PWS patients had poor compliance with eye examinations because of their young age.
By measuring leaf temperature with an infrared sensor, researchers in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis have been able to consistently assess PWS in walnut, almond, and grape crops.
The name change comes on the heels of the news that Kestra PWS was listed among the top 300 Registered Investment Advisers by the Financial Times.
Large and very large crude carriers load at the terminal, and are piloted and escorted through PWS to the Gulf of Alaska (map, p.
On the basis of initial clinical indications including truncal hypotonia, poor weight gain, feeding difficulties, relative macrocephaly, and some facial features, it was thought that this patient's abnormal genetic findings were consistent with PWS.
The second patient was a girl born with uncomplicated PWS on the chin and left cheek (V2 and V3) (Fig.
With a broad range of connected devices and GPS receivers, we feel Maestro is well positioned to allow PWS to service our existing GPS customers and gain new customers with the modems and tracking devices.
PWS has the experience supporting professionals in a multitude of industries, including, but not limited to technical, scientific, energy, information technology, accounting, finance and human resources.
The PWS also functions as a back-up power source for smartphones or digital cameras.