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picowatt (pW)

A unit of power equal to a millionth of one-millionth of a watt (i.e., 10-12 W).


The country code for Palau.
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The MAP serves the purpose of providing monitoring assistance to PWS (Arizona Revised Statutes, [section] 49-360).
This Phase 2 trial is designed to evaluate the effects of setmelanotide on weight reduction and PWS-specific food-related behavior in obese patients with PWS.
Saltonstall said the Global PWS Registry addresses what is widely recognized as one of the greatest needs and inherent challenges of the rare disease community -- natural history data to help medical researchers better understand how diseases develop and progress over time.
Clinical study PC025, a randomized withdrawal study, enrolled 13 obese, genetically confirmed, PWS patients between the ages of 10 and 22.
He has been a member of the PWS executive team since 1994 and has been with the company for over 20 years.
From Grace Potter writing on the PWS how much she "LOVE, LOVES THESE" to Moby drawing a picture of himself on the unit, each is a distinct and unique collectors item.
This is the third acquisition by PWS in the past three years, following its successful purchases of the Lucy's(R) LaundryMart(R) and SpinCycle(R) chains of laundry stores.
PWS is a rare and complex non-inherited genetic disorder, which results from abnormalities of the fifteenth chromosome.
And, to ensure continuous quality service, we will work closely with PWS during the transition.
Known markers of beloranib response including those associated with cardiovascular disease risk were also improved, demonstrating that PWS patients responded to the molecular mechanism of beloranib.