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(in Finnish, Pyhäjoki), a river in central Finland. The Pyhä River is 166 km long and drains an area of 3,750 sq km. It rises in Lake Pyhä and empties into the Gulf of Bothnia. There are rapids throughout the river’s course. The river is fed primarily by snow; high water occurs in spring and summer. The average flow rate is approximately 30 cu m per sec. The river freezes from November through March. Timber is floated on the Pyhä River.



(in Finnish, Pyhäjärvi), the name of several lakes in Finland.

(1) A lake in central Finland with an area of 113 sq km. Lake Pyhä has a strongly indented shoreline, and it outflows into the Pyhä River. The city of Pyhâjârva is situated on the northern shore.

(2) A lake in southwestern Finland with an area of 132 sq km and depths to approximately 50 m. Most of the water enters the lake from above—from Lake Näsi—via a channel that is approximately 1 km long and has waterfalls of elevations to 18 m. The city of Tampere is situated on the lake.

(3) A lake in southeastern Finland (partially in the USSR), in the Vuoksa River basin. It has an area of 255 sq km and depths to 32 m. The shoreline is winding, with numerous bays and capes. There are many islands in Lake Pyhä.

All three lakes are frozen from November to April or May. There is local shipping industry and boating.

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Several PYHA hostels are situated in the mountain areas where the visiting youth is asked to adopt environmental friendly practices.
Several PYHA hostels are situated in the mountain areas where the visiting youth are asked to adopt environmentally friendly practices.
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