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(1) A firewall brand name from Cisco. See Cisco PIX.

(2) (Photographic Information EXchange) A website of the U.S. Department of Energy that contains pictures related to energy efficiency and the research work of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. For more information, visit www.nrel.gov/data/pix.

(3) Slang for "pictures" (pics).
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pixis, pix

A shrine to contain the host or consecrated wafer. (See illustration p. 734.)
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The team's research was also able to better estimate T Pyx's distance from Earth.
Then to "Angels in the Life of the Community: Messengers", who are depicted as sometimes interceding on our behalf, and to" Angels and the Liturgy," where again there are monstrances and chalices from the Pontifical Sacristy and a nineteenth- century pyx of silver, partly gilded with enamel and gold, processional crosses of exquisitely fine workmanship and then on to Christ the Judge, portrayed by the Last Judgement, a solemn collection and a pertinent reminder of our mortality.
The priest took the white Host from the sacred pyx, and, in an almost swooning condition, so great was her joy, she advanced her lips to take the body of her Savior which he held out for her acceptance." Given that in her fantasies the Savior has now taken the place of her lover Rodolphe, she imagines hearing "the music of angelic harps and that she could see, mounted on a golden throne within a sky of blue, and surrounded by saints with green palms in their hands, God the Father shining in majesty" (204).
for example is setting up a new company, Pyx Mining Corp., to consolidate the gold and copper mining assets of both itself and two of its related companies, Minera Rayrock Inc.
It provides a still more striking focal point in its present position, at the centre of the sanctuary, beneath a pyx suspended from the apex of the baldacchino.
Or that small circular box which resembles a pyx that traditionally held a consecrated wafer but now may accommodate a small supply of LSD?
"Ecclesiastical language is full of names for vessels," she tells us: "chalice, ciborium, monstrance, pyx; there must be containers to enclose, keep safe, keep intact, keep protected from the world's contamination the sacred matter." The world contaminated her only father.
But there are fascinating |Eucharistic vignettes' from throughout western Europe presented: a pyx in the form of the Virgin, a depiction of the Virgin vested as a priest at the altar (the exact vestment is not specified), the high value placed on white flour and white bread/hosts in medieval Europe, the giving of the viaticum to women in childbirth, dances in Eucharistic processions in Spain, the giving of undiluted, unconsecrated wine to the laity to provide symmetry to the giving of the consecrated host alone, and the construction of a machine on pulleys in a church to allow angelic figures to descend at the elevation of the host during the Canon of the Mass and ascend after the paternoster.
Metaphors crisscross from interchapter to plot, so that a red-flecked (bacterialaden) consecrated host in a pyx, which posed theological questions for the "author" of the history when he was a perplexed altar boy, becomes the white-beaded rosy nipple of a hired companion, becomes an Aztec sacrificial meal, all pointing Virgil to a staggering question .
Pyxus (PYX), up 15% after Imperial Capital analyst Mary Ross Gilbert initiated the stock with an Outperform rating and $71 price target, citing her view of the potential of the company to be a fast growing franchise for years given its combination of cultivation, extraction and e-liquids capabilities...