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Maternal and paternal contribution to intergenerational psychosocial transmission of paan chewing.
Difference between both genders was statistically significant for paan chewing habit (p=0.01) and it was more common in female patients (Table 2).
Also, PAAN showed stability against thermal degradation up to 235 AdegC while it was up to 265 AdegC for PANA.
(OR: Odds ratio, 95% CI: 95% confidence interval, df: Degrees of freedom) Table 2: ORs for oral cancer according to type of paan chewing n (%) Type of paan chewing OR (95% CI) Cases Controls Tobacco only 11 (5.5) 3 (1.5) 4.9 (1.35-18.18) Tobacco+betel leaf+areca 51 (25.5) 27 (13.5) 2.5 (1.51-4.36) nut+lime Betel leaf+areca nut+lime 29 (14.5) 23 (11.5) 1.7 (0.93-3.12) Betel leaf+areca nut 3 (1.5) 3 (1.5) 1.3 (0.26-6.84) Never chewers 106 (53.0) 144 (72.0) 1.0 Total 200 (100) 200(100) (Chi-square value=18.85, df=4, P<0.001).
The stimulants niswar and paan are normally chewed by users.
A large majority of these tobacco users prefer smokeless tobacco products like betel quid with tobacco, gutkha, paan masala, khaini, mishri, gul, over smoking tobacco.
Besides putting users at high risk of mouth cancer, spitting paan has become a nuisance across South Asia, not even sparing the most elite of urban neighborhoods.
On Monday, officers and council workers visited Batley East Children's Centre to warn of the health risks of products such as Naswar, Paan, Guthka and Shisha (water pipe smoking).
Pakistan, June 07 -- Gone are the days when paan (betel leaf) chewing belonged to only Urdu speaking people (Muhajir and Memon), now it is popular among all.
The leaves of the fast-growing vine are widely chewed with tobacco, cloves or with the hard areca nut in a popular mixture known as paan, which promotes a reddish saliva.
Summary: Bain & Company, the global business consulting firm, has announced the appointment of Jean-Marie PAan to the position of Chairman Middle East.