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Iglesias, Pablo


Born Oct. 18, 1850, in El Ferrol; died Dec. 9, 1925, in Madrid. Figure in the Spanish workers’ movement. One of the first disseminators of Marxist ideas and initiators of the organized workers’ movement in Spain. Printing worker by trade.

In 1871, Iglesias was elected to the Council of the Spanish Federation, which held Marxist, anti-Bakuninist positions. He was one of the founders (1879) and most authoritative leaders of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party and the General Union of Workers (founded in 1888). He was chairman of these two organizations until the end of his life. During the crisis of the intense struggle between the reformist and revolutionary wings of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, Iglesias took the side of the reformists. He opposed the party’s entrance into the Third, or Communist, International, thus bringing about a split in the party (1921).


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Let's end this once and for all and punish those who are guilty," Pablo Iglesias, leader of Spain's left-wing party Podemos said, ( the Sun  reported.
As mentioned above, this publication forms part of the analysis of the retweets issued by the leading presidential candidates during the electoral campaign for the Spanish general elections (Mariano Rajoy, Pedro Sanchez, Albert Rivera, and Pablo Iglesias), which took place from June 10th to June 24th in 2016.
* Aunque Irene Montero y Pablo Iglesias nunca han confirmado de manera oficial su noviazgo, e incluso habia quien apuntaba a una crisis, lo cierto es que la diputada ha hecho publico que van a ser padres.
Pablo Iglesias, es una persona carismatica; para las personas que hemos tenido oportunidad de conocerle, aunque solo sea un poco, podemos decir que es una persona que no deja indiferente por su talante, su humanidad, su paciencia, su "saber hacer", su innegable capacidad de conectar con las personas (pacientes y familiares, otros profesionales) ...
MADRID, June 14 (KUNA) -- Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Wednesday survived a vote of no-confidence at parliament, that was called by far-left Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias. The no-confidence motion was rejected by 170 votes to 82, with 97 abstentions.
A continuacion, se especifican las cuestiones relacionadas con la metodologia bajo la cual se ha llevado a cabo este estudio centrado en el analisis de los discursos generados en Facebook a raiz de la II Asamblea Ciudadana de Podemos, "Vistalegre 2", desarrollada entre el 11 y el 12 de febrero de 2017, por parte de los lideres politicos del partido "Podemos", Pablo Iglesias e Inigo Errejon, y de las reacciones ciudadanas manifestadas a traves de sus comentarios.
Podemos' head Pablo Iglesias, who has called for protesters to surround parliament for Saturday's vote, laid claim on Thursday to leading the opposition to Rajoy's incoming administration and denounced the Socialists as partners of the PP, which he brands as corrupt and committed to austerity.
The alliance, headed by pony-tailed political science professor Pablo Iglesias, had hoped to overtake the Socialists and break the country's traditional two-party system.
Its leader, Pablo Iglesias, however, is perceived as arrogant and short-tempered, and is unpopular even among his voters.
Pablo Iglesias sumara votos al unirse a Izquierda Unida (Unidos-Podemos).
Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias has said it would be impossible for his party to form part a government including Citizens, while Citizens are strongly opposed to Podemos' demands for a referendum over the issue of the independence of the Catalan region.
NNA - Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias said after a meeting with King Felipe that he is ready to work with Pedro SA'nchez (PSOE) and Alberto GarzA'n (United Left) to put together a "progressive government of change".