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(filename extension)
A filename extension for images created with the IBM PC Paintbrush tool.


(1) See PCI-X.

(2) The native bitmapped graphics file format in the earlier PC Paintbrush application. PCX supported monochrome, 2-, 4-, 8- and 24-bit color and uses RLE to achieve compression ratios of approximately 1.1:1 to 1.5:1. Images with large blocks of solid colors compress best under the RLE method. See PC Paintbrush.

(3) (PC to the power of X) In 2001, this was Intel's slogan for the digital home in which the PC was at the center, synchronizing with PDAs and cellphones. The name did not take off in the marketplace.
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On the other side of the deck Hermann and I would get a couple of chairs out of the cabin and settle down to a smoking match, accompanied at long in tervals by the pacific exchange of a few words.
30, 2002, registered national exchanges include the American Stock Exchange, Boston Stock Exchange, Cincinnati Stock Exchange, Chicago Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Philadelphia Stock Exchange and the Pacific Exchange, Inc.
26; the company symbol on the Pacific Exchange (PCX) is the same as on the New York Stock Exchange.
The author's portrait of the promoters of the Pacific exchange as morally complex people, motivated in part by their sense of aesthetics, is a refreshing change from historical actors driven by economic rationality.
companies, pitting the NYSE against domestic rivals such as the Nasdaq Stock Market and Pacific Exchange as well as off-hours trading systems, such as Jefferies & Co.
NCA Withdraws Pacific Exchange Listing, Retains New York Stock Exchange Listing
COYOTE OPTIONS: The Pacific Exchange will begin trading options Tuesday on Coyote Network Systems (Nasdaq: CYOE; Pacific: QTO), a Calabasas telecommunications network switching company.

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