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The Madrone tree is basically the big brother of the Manzanita plant (see desert) Grows up to 100ft (30m), Smooth orange-red trunk with peeling paper is cooling to the touch. Red berries are edible, astringent. Whole plant is useable. Urinary tract and kidney infections, stomach issues.
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Pacific madrone or madrona, its other common name, has a popular use aside from its commercial lumber and veneer uses.
Pacific madrone packs a "punch" of another sort, too.
Some massive-sized madrone trees have limb spans of 9,000 square feet and stand as tall as redwoods while other Pacific madrone trees are the height of a small bush.
Like the new pacific madrone champ, which is little more than half the size of the Council Madrone, many of the champions in the 2002 National Register of Big Trees have yet to reach their full potential.

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