Giovanni Battista Martini

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Martini, Giovanni Battista


(Padre Martini). Born Apr. 24, 1706, in Bologna; died there Oct. 4, 1784. Italian music theorist and historian, teacher, composer, choir director, singer, violinist, and harpsichordist. Franciscan monk.

Martini was a member and director of the Philharmonic Academy in Bologna. His principal theoretical work is Pattern, or Fundamental Practical Outline of Counterpoint (vols. 1-2, 1774-75). He wrote the History of Music (vols. 1-3, 1757-81), the first such work. His history deals only with ancient Greek and Roman music. Martini composed oratorios, works for organ and for harpsichord, vocal duets, and choruses with instrumental accompaniment. The musical world of 18th-century Italy centered on Martini. The conservatory and city library in Bologna are named after him.

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This was the tour during which the 14-year-old Wolfgang came under the scrutiny of some of the most learned Italian masters, including the legendary theorist Padre Martini, who put him through the most searching tests and pronounced himself well-pleased.
One particular occasion, however, led Chiti to provide Padre Martini with a detailed overview of the dominant styles of sacred music in Rome at that time.
1580 to its purchase by Padre Martini from the Pagliarini book sellers of Rome, who had in turn secured the collection as discards from the convent of San Francesco a Ripa in Rome.
En Bolonia encontro en el famoso padre Martini (5)--el mismo a quien Niccolo Jommelli habia pedido lecciones--a un admirador motivado por el mas vivo entusiasmo.
In 1784 he sent the learned Padre Martini his portrait, entrusting it to L.
Pichl obtained transcriptions of the operas of Leonardo Leo from Padre Martini.
For the moment another two of Pichl's letters have escaped the researchers because they are not in the Bologna collection of Padre Martini, but in the convent archive of St.
The correspondence shows Burney keeping up links with notable figures whom he had met on his Continental tours, including Padre Martini, Diderot, d'Holbach, Suard, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
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