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psychosexual disorder in which there is a preference for sexual activity with prepubertal children. Pedophiles are almost always males. The children are more often of the opposite sex (about twice as often) and are typically 13 years or age or younger; they may be within or outside the pedophile's family. Sexual fantasies, looking, or fondling are more common than genital contact. Sexual offenses against children make up a significant proportion of reported criminal sex acts.

The cause or causes of pedophilia are not well understood. Personality problems may be evident, and the pedophile often shows little or no concern for the effects of his sexual behavior on the child. Researchers have reported that psychotherapy in conjunction with the use of testosterone-lowering drugs has substantially reduced the desire in male pedophiles to molest children. See also child abusechild abuse,
physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment or neglect of children by parents, guardians, or others responsible for a child's welfare. Physical abuse is characterized by physical injury, usually inflicted as a result of a beating or inappropriately harsh discipline.
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Love of children by adults for sexual purposes.


(esp US), pedophilia
the condition of being sexually attracted to children
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Her husband, a friend and two other men were also pictured in Llanrwst United FC jerseys with the untrue caption: "Some paedo kiddie fiddlers.
So, we could just hang them all I suppose, and the, regrettably, Welsh mob who daubed paint on a paediatrician's house - paediatrician, paedo, all the same aren't they?
May-o-meterThe number of days since Theresa May announced the VIP paedo hearing last July
Paedo Davis, who made a 12-year-old pregnant when he was 17, led a "cult-like" group involving the three girls and several adults.
Number of days since Theresa May Announced VIP Paedo hearing and still no progress
THIS is the paedo pensioner who faces up to 10 years in jail after he admitted abusing a girl more than 30 years ago.
I think we all know what they mean - the T-shirts with the suggestive slogans, the underwear over which any paedo would drool and clothes which are more suitable for a night on the drag tha n an eight-year-old.
A PAEDO pensioner has been jailed for historic sex abuse after he walked into a police station and said: "I've been a naughty boy.
DETECTIVES are trawling through files on at least 200 missing children to identify three boys allegedly killed by the Westminster paedo network.
Paedophile is derived from Greek words paedo, meaning child, and phileo, meaning love.
PAEDO footballer Adam Johnson's ex and daughter leave jail with his sister yesterday after a family visit to wish him a happy birthday.
Shortly after Glitter left, about 100 teenagers turned up in the house's driveway shouting "Paedo, paedo.