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page ranking

The priority given to the placement of a link on the results page of a Web search. For example, Google's PageRank system, named after co-founder Larry Page, classifies a site based on the number of links that point to it from other sites (the "backlinks"). The concept is that if very prominent sites link to a site, the site has greater value. The more popular the backlink sites themselves are, the higher the ranking as well.

In addition to Google's PageRank, the content and organization of the pages on the site are criteria used in the page ranking algorithm. Google claims its algorithm uses more than 200 factors to determine the value of a page. The amount of buzz on social media also plays an important part.

The Algorithm Changes
Because countless websites are laden with unnecessary content in order to boost their ranking, the search engine formulas are often changed to prevent deceptive content from achieving permanent high ranks. See link juice, search engine optimization, Google bomb and social bookmarking site.

Page Ranking Technology
Although the Web page ranked number 3 may have much more useful information than the one ranked number 1, search engine software cannot really tell which is the superior website from a quality perspective. It can only know which ones are popular, and link swaps (you link to me - I link to you) are created to do nothing more than make pages popular.
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The Active Search Results team believes that, "ASR's Page Ranking Technology is the new website page ranking algorithm that will excel a single or group of search engines to the forefront of the search industry as Google's PageRank did in 1998.
While most search engine page ranking is based on links between web sites and the content of the sites themselves, NSearch differs by offering page ranking based upon the quantity and quality of content the website owner submits to NSearch.
The key to success is to include searchable information, such as the neighborhood, town, zip code and area code in as many places on your website as possible and to include that information in the metatags--the behind-the-scenes info that search engines often use to decide page rankings.
Google incorporates site speed into its page rankings
A proper, and well written article including Pakistan specific information would definitely increase its page rankings, but it will also increase search engine ranking, Shamsa said.
Our goal is to develop first page rankings for several key words that consumers search for online when looking for the kitchen products and accessories that we feature on our site," she said.
Lives are quite literally ruined when Google changes its algorithm as page rankings fly out of the window and previously booming online business get thrown into the internet wastelands of obscurity.