Sir James Paget

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Paget, Sir James

(păj`ĭt), 1814–99, British surgeon and pathologist. He taught and practiced at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, and cataloged the museums of St. Bartholomew's and of the Royal College of Surgeons. He was a skilled diagnostician and an authority on diseases of the bones and joints. His works include Lectures on Tumours (1851) and Lectures on Surgical Pathology (1853).
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(13-15) The proliferative index of the Paget cells in those studies was between 10% and 30%.
The second patient had a gross dermal 0.6-cm irregular firm mass that correlated with a 0.3-cm focus of invasive carcinoma in the dermis associated with Paget cells in the overlying skin.
Toker cells are probably precursors of Paget cell carcinoma: a morphological and ultrastructural description.
The cytomorphology of the Paget cells, absence of DCIS in the nipples, involvement of the lactiferous ducts by LCIS, and absence of HER-2/neu and E-cadherin staining strongly support the conclusion that bilateral Paget disease derived from LCIS in this instance.