Pai Yen-Hu

Pai Yen-Hu


Year of birth unknown; died, 1882. One of the leaders of the rebellion of the Huei-tsu people (the Tungkang) against the oppression of the Ch’ing dynasty in northwestern China during the 1860’s and 1870’s. Born into the family of a city elder.

Pai joined the rebellion in 1862, becoming one of its leaders in 1868. After the rebels were crushed in the provinces of Shenhsi and Kansu, Pai retreated to Hsinchiang (in late 1872 and early 1873), where he joined with the Uighurs and continued the struggle against the Ch’ing forces. After the rebellion was crushed in Hsinchiang, Pai, with a detachment of 5,000 men, crossed over into Russian territory in 1877.


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