paint thinner

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thinner, dilutent, solvent

A volatile liquid used to dilute and lower the viscosity of paints, adhesives, etc.
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Ingham said most people don't realize how vulnerable a sewage plant is to "just a gallon or two of paint thinner.
At the public hearing, several stakeholders, including a representative from the Los Angeles Painters Union, expressed concerns over possible fire threats associated with certain paint thinners, and, along with ACA, urged CARB to gather more technical assessment data.
Gamsol, the company's paint thinner, uses mineral spirits that evaporate much more slowly than turpentine, which has a reputation for irritating breathing passages and inducing nausea.
As I got closer to the scene, chemical vapors from the paint thinner started stinging my eyes, and the two seamen complained that their skin was burning.
According to police, the 19-year-old was holding a bottle of paint thinner which he proceeded to throw over the 22-year-old, burning his face, arms, chest and back.
That means it's easy to clean up and doesn't require paint thinners.
Investigators said the fire had started when a boy, who was curious about whether paint thinner easily ignited, struck a cigarette lighter close to the floor of a karaoke bar in the building's basement.
South Korea's worst fire in 25 years at a karaoke bar in the port city of Inchon late last month was started by a teenage employee curious about whether paint thinner ignites, police said Tuesday.
Paint thinner, fingernail polish remover, or rubber cement thinner will help to remove the glue from the label and the bottom.
Mix the glaze medium, oil-base paint, and paint thinner according to manufacturer's instructions on the glaze can.
With water washing, even though some recyclers filter water for several reuses, eventually the water must be changed, and bleach, detergent, pesticide, paint thinner, and other bottle contents go into sewers or a nearby river.