Painter, William

Painter, William,

1540?–1594, English translator. His Palace of Pleasure (1566–67)—a collection of translations from Boccaccio, the Heptameron, and many other sources—was drawn upon by Shakespeare and other Elizabethan dramatists.
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The painter, William Stott of Oldham, writing in 1883 to Aberdeen art collector John Forbes White, recalled his visit to White's home the previous year in the following terms: "Dreams of Seaton Cottage and Lawn Tennis, fresh air and kind friends." Despite appearing old-fashioned when compared with the modern game, Lavery in fact depicts a very modern scene.
Another painter, William Drury, from Warrington, did say, though, that he had seen Cook strike Peach with a clenched fist.
American novelist, short story writer, painter, William S.
3,1928), the grandfather of manga and anime; engraver and painter, William Hogarth (Nov.
Paul exhibited his work to create "A Stuckist Room", which consisted of Paul's paintings in response to the Pre-Raphaelite painter, William Bell Scott.
A prolific painter, William estimates he has already turned out about 1,000 paintings, and that's in addition to his work at the Mustard Seed, his business The Projectors, an earlier venture in ceramic art, and an interest in photography.
America's first important genre painter, William Sidney Mount (1807-1868), had a strong, complex personality full of inconsistencies.
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