Pál Gabor Engelmann

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Engelmann, Pál Gabor


Born 1854 in Pest; died Dec. 9, 1916, in Budapest. Figure in the Hungarian working-class movement; one of the founders and leaders of the Social Democratic Party of Hungary (SDPH).

A tinsmith, Engelmann joined the Universal Labor Party of Hungary in 1884 and headed its revolutionary wing. In 1889 he became the leader of the party. Engelmann’s organizational work culminated in the creation of the SDPH in December 1890. He corresponded with F. Engels and relied on Engeis’ advice in his work. As a result of pressure from opportunists, he was expelled from the SDPH in January 1893. In January 1894 he founded the Social Democratic Workers’ Party of Hungary, which he succeeded in unifying with the SDPH in May 1894. In the early 20th century he was a leading member of the left wing of the SDPH. Engelmann later, especially after 1905, became an adherent of bourgeois radicalism.

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