Houses of Parliament

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Houses of Parliament:

see Westminster PalaceWestminster Palace
or Houses of Parliament,
in Westminster, London. The present enormous structure, of Neo-Gothic design, was built (1840–60) by Sir Charles Barry to replace an aggregation of ancient buildings almost completely destroyed by fire in 1834.
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Recently, the Government announced a PS7 billion refurbishment programme to the Palace of Westminster and the windows are included as one of the problems.
It will take place on Friday, July 31, at Westminster Hall in the Palace of Westminster.
John Thurso, a lawmaker who sits on the House of Commons Commission which oversees maintenance of the Palace of Westminster, said the work had been put off for too long and was now at a critical point.
Lot 2: The House of Commons has a requirement for a range of bespoke Own Label wines and Champagne for re-sale in several outlets in the Palace of Westminster, for Banqueting, other events held on the estate and retail souvenir shops.
Officers from the Palace of Westminster contacted the Met's counter-terrorism command on Monday 15 September following the receipt of a letter intended for a member of the House of Commons.
A specialist technical abseil team clean and inspect one of the four faces of the Great Clock at the Palace of Westminster |
So, if the Palace of Westminster considers Joseph Chamberlain surplus to requirements, should the state be brought to Birmingham on long-term loan?
This is the historic Palace of Westminster where the nation's laws are debated and made.
Taxpayers will have to pay up to [pounds sterling]100,000 to refurbish two toilets used by VIPs at the Palace of Westminster, according to a House of Commons contract.
IT has been announced that Parliament could be moving to Covent Garden whilst maintenance work takes place on the Palace of Westminster.
But now it seems there's a plan coming up for debate that would see the creaking palace of Westminster closed for five years, with pounds 3billion spent on upgrading it.
Jill had announced her retirement in October after security arrangements at the Palace of Westminster were criticised.