Houses of Parliament

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Houses of Parliament:

see Westminster PalaceWestminster Palace
or Houses of Parliament,
in Westminster, London. The present enormous structure, of Neo-Gothic design, was built (1840–60) by Sir Charles Barry to replace an aggregation of ancient buildings almost completely destroyed by fire in 1834.
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MPs are already talking about whether they should move out of the Palace of Westminster while the works take place or stay, even though this could significantly increase the bill.
The Joseph Chamberlain statue, which was in the Members' Lobby at the Palace of Westminster but was then relocated behind a filing cabinet in the House of Lords library
TIE THE KNOT: Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman join Rhondda partner Jared Cranney at their civil partnership ceremony at the Palace of Westminster
Conservative leader David Cameron has pledged to end the subsidy on food in the restaurants of the Palace of Westminster if he becomes PM
Everyone knows that smoking is banned in UK's public places but this doesn't stop a Pugin-style smoking shelter being built in the Palace of Westminster at a cost of u21,706, so that the most discerning MPs can smoke in palatial comfort.
With colleague Huw Smith they are responsible for 2,000 docks in total in the Palace of Westminster.
Palatial although Charles Barry's mighty replacement of the medieval palace of Westminster undoubtedly is, it does not suggest domestic life, even of a royal kind.
While it is certainly true that the Romantic movement produced little memorable architecture in pre-Pugin England, there are no entries whatsoever on individual buildings: some, such as the new Palace of Westminster, should surely have been inescapable in this context.
It is fitting that the first few entries in the 1542 inventory of the Palace of Westminster deal with the small selection of Henry VIII's clothes that were kept there.
Other royal opportunities are private tours of Windsor Castle or the Palace of Westminster.
com as are examples of programmes on the Palace of Westminster - Explore Parliament - and St.
THE Palace of Westminster - home of both Houses of Parliament - is falling to bits.