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The issue sparking that potential palace revolution was the way Mr Morgan had cosied up to the Lib-Dems in the Assembly to stay in power.
The influence of the punks is evident on Attitude the opening track of the 1979 Low Budget (HHH) in which Davies addresses the old rockers caught off-balance by the palace revolution then in progress "you've used all the licks, now it's all gotta change".
FORMER Rangers star Gordan Petric last night revealed he turned down a new Ibrox contract and lucrative offers from Spain to join Terry Venables' Crystal Palace revolution.
He will remain in 10 Downing Street for as long as he chooses, sustained by the gratitude of a Labour Party which he has led to two consecutive (and long delayed) election victories and by the knowledge that an attempted palace revolution would only fail and help the common enemy.
Seve Ballesteros called for a palace revolution in professional golf yesterday.