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see Isthmian gamesIsthmian games
, athletic events organized c.581 B.C. They were held at Corinth in the spring of the first and third years of the Olympiad, and they honored Palaemon as well as Poseidon.
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The bantering continues until they agree on a singing contest (lines 28, 49-54), at which point Palaemon enters and agrees to be their judge.
The invasive rockpool prawn Palaemon elegans established almost in the entire Baltic Sea recently (Janas and Mankucka, 2010; Katajisto et al., 2013).
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Masters Palaemon and Gurloes later instructed him in prison administration and torture for the state.
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It is worth noting that Philip Ford's important book The Judgment of Palaemon: The Contest between Neo-Latin and Vernacular Poetry in Renaissance France appeared recently in this same series, to which we owe a considerable debt for advancing discussion on a topic of growing interest in Neo-Latin studies.
Finally we have a list of crustaceans: sea crabs (Neptunus philippinensis), alimasag (Lupea gladiator, Fabr and Thalamita crucifera, Fr.), talangka (Thelphusa indica, Lath), uluhan (Palaemon ornatus, Oliv), hipon (Pendus canalicatus, Oliv), and alupihan dagat (Squilla macularia, Lam.).