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a private gymnastics school in ancient Greece attended by boys from the ages of 12 to 16. On the island of Samos, there was also a palaestra for adult men. The program at a. palaestra included the five events that made up the pentathlon—running, wrestling, jumping, and javelin- and discus-throwing—along with gymnastic exercises and swimming.

Palaestrae had open courts, tracks, gymnastic halls, and swimming pools. They were sometimes located at schools known as gymnasia.

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A Greek or Roman building for athletic training, smaller than a gymnasium, consisting of a large square court with colonnades, rooms for massage, baths, etc.
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Already he feels the absence of the marketplace, the palaestra, the race track, and the gymnasium (abero faro, palaestra, stadio et gyminasiis?, 60) and he mourns for the manly glory of those sports grounds, which had been his until very recently.
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These bronze vessels depicting athletes seem perfectly suited to their function as oil containers and one can easily imagine their use in the baths and the palaestra. It is unfortunate that the individual identity of these fighters is not known, since specific athletes are identified on other vessels made and sold to promote athletic competitions and gladiatorial games.
This is the high note in Palaestra's aria, and her Anglophone counterpart in "A"-21 gets to hit it as well, on a word that can bear its full rhetorical weight and on a breath of the same phonic shape.
Quite often, Milo would carry the calf a considerable distance to watch the older boys training at the local palaestra, or wrestling academy.
Greece is renowned as the homeland of the Olympic Games in honour of the god Zeus at Olympia, now the mute ruins of the Palaestra, or training ground.
The private wrestling school (palaestra) is certainly identified as the prime arena of pederastic courtship in a range of texts from a variety of genres in both the fifth and fourth centuries.
Nel Decameron, come in altri testi dell'epoca, il timbro dell'esotismo scopre cosi un intenzionale e complesso gioco di rapporti esterni alla dimensione romanzesca, per i quali i remoti paesi dell'Asia Minore e dell'Estremo Oriente rappresentano ancora una fabrica vitiorum o, peggio, una temptationum palaestra, secondo il colorito folclorico della polimorfica narrativa popolare.
WeMedia, New Mobility, and Palaestra are beautiful, glossy, and uplifting "lifestyle" magazines.
I challenged him to the palaestra; and he wrestled and closed with me....
In the De Lipsii Latinitate Palaestra I of 1595, indeed, the crusade becomes a King Charles's head, prompting Scaliger's sardonic reference to the work as De Latinitate Lipsiana adversus Turcam.