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A branch of anthropology concerned with the study of fossil humans.



a branch of anthropology that studies the physical types and evolution of fossil man—Archanthropinae, Palaeoanthropus, and ancient Neoanthropinae. Paleoanthropological studies encompass the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, during which the races of modern man were conclusively formed. It is incorrect to apply the term “paleoanthropology” to investigations of bony remains of ancient man of later historical periods.

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Based on paleoanthropology, Malaysian Indians' facial characteristics are similar to their South Indian counterparts, because both groups are Dravidians.
Wei, the head of the Institute of Three Gorges Paleoanthropology at a Chongqing museum, said many excavated panda fossils "showed that pandas were once slashed to death by man.
The lecture series has four parts: Lecture 1 serves as an overview, Lecture 2 covers the genetics of human origins and adaptation (genes), Lecture 3 addresses the archaeological evidence of human prehistory (stones), and Lecture 4 discusses physical paleoanthropology (bones).
Tattersal, longtime curator of anthropology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, uses his formidable knowledge of paleoanthropology to explain why our species, Homo sapiens, has come to dominate the planet in the brief time of 50,000 years or so.
2005): "The Archaeology of Aduma Middle Stone Age Sites in the Awash Valley, Ethiopia", PaleoAnthropology, 10, pp.
No other theory thus makes it possible to integrate literary study with the rapidly developing body of knowledge from evolutionary psychology, paleoanthropology, primatology, behavioral ecology, comparative ethology, cognitive and affective neuroscience, behavioral genetics, and personality psychology.
Ancient human history has been revealed beautifully by Paleoanthropology.
Bones as biofuel: a review of whale bone composition with implications for deep-sea biology and paleoanthropology.
Electron spin resonance (ESR) analysis has recently become an alternative C14 and thermo-luminescence dating method which can be applied to a variety of problems in geology, archaeology and paleoanthropology (Renfrew C et al.
La conferencia conjunta de este ano de la Paleoanthropology Society y la American Association of Physical Anthropologists ha arrojado nuevos datos acerca de ese transito evolutivo gracias al anuncio hecho por Lee Berger, de la universidad de Witwatersrand (Johannesburgo, Sudafrica) y sus colaboradores del hallazgo de fosiles procedentes de la cueva de Malapa, situada a unos 15 kilometros al nordeste del yacimiento de Sterkfontein, en Sudafrica, que cuenta con una edad de cerca de 2 millones de anos.
Such an achievement will "force the field of paleoanthropology into some unfamiliar ethical territory; writes Zach Zurich, a senior editor at Archaeology.