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Pales, asteroid 49 (the 49th asteroid to be discovered, on September 19, 1857), is approximately 176 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.4 years. It is named after the Roman god of flocks, pastures, and shepherds. When prominent in a natal chart, Pales may indicate a native with an interest in these matters. More often, it indicates more of a metaphorical shepherding; someone with a strong Pales may be involved in some kind of guarding activity, shepherding a congregation, and so on.


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It was not alluded to in any way, and no pale young gentleman was to be discovered on the premises.
At the end of the yard a dark mass, tinted with a dingy blue by the morning dawn, rose before him, its dark outlines standing out in contrast to the houses already illuminated by the pale light of early morning.
"Yes, yes," said De Guiche, "a strange face; but these monks are subject to such degrading practices; their fasts make them pale, the blows of the discipline make them hypocrites, and their eyes become inflamed through weeping for the good things of this life we common folk enjoy, but they have lost."
The persons of their world lived in an atmosphere of faint implications and pale delicacies, and the fact that he and she understood each other without a word seemed to the young man to bring them nearer than any explanation would have done.
Pale, frightened people were doing something around the workman.
It was all very well to look pale, sitting for the portrait of Aquinas, you know--we got your letter just in time.
'Twas the pale faces, the people of your own color."
At the door he paused for a moment to wipe his damp, pale brow.
Pale and trembling, Milady repulsed D'Artagnan's attempted embrace by a violent blow on the chest, as she sprang out of bed.
Philip, observing that he wore a pale blue tie, had on that account taken a sudden dislike to him.
There were sheets of paper still lying about covered with figures, a brass-bound ledger lay open at the further end of the table, In the background a young man, slim, pale, ill-dressed in sober black, was filling a large tin box with documents and letters.
They are pale, and it is their own faces that they see.