Palmbakh, Aleksandr

Pal’mbakh, Aleksandr Adol’fovich


Born Aug. 29 (Sept. 10), 1897, in Drissa, now in Vitebsk Oblast; died Oct. 22, 1963, in Kyzyl. Soviet philologist. Member of the CPSU from 1940.

Pal’mbakh graduated from the Moscow Archaeological Institute in 1918. He became a professor in 1960. Pal’mbakh taught at the Communist University for Workers of the East, the Cheliabinsk Pedagogical Institute, and elsewhere. He was a researcher at the Tannu-Tuvan Research Institute of Language, Literature, and History. Pal’mbakh was a specialist in Tannu-Tuvan language and literature and one of the developers of the Tannu-Tuvan national writing system (1930). He coauthored the first scholarly grammar of Tannu-Tuvan (1961, with F. G. Is-khakov) and was an editor and one of the compilers of the Russian-Tannu-Tuvan (1953) and Tannu-Tuvan-Russian (1955) dictionaries. As a writer and translator (pen name, A. Temir), Pal’mbakh played a prominent role in the establishment of a Tannu-Tuvan literature. He also translated the works of S. Tok and S. Saryg-ool. He was awarded four orders, including two from the People’s Republic of Tannu-Tuva.


Aleksandr Pal’mbakh—pisatel’ i chelovek Kyzyl, 1967.