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city (1990 pop. 68,842), Los Angeles co., S Calif., in the irrigated Antelope Valley; a growing residential suburb of Los Angeles near Little Rock Creek where it forms Lake Palmdale Reservoir, inc. 1962. Established from two communities that were settled in the 1870s and 80s, Palmdale took its current name in 1899. Formerly a farm community, it prospered with the completion of the Los Angeles aquaduct in 1914. From the early 1950s to the early 1990s the city's economic base depended on the manufacture of air-navigation systems, aerospace vehicles, and the development of advanced aircraft design systems at a complex of government-owned plants run by private industry, but the economy is now highly diversified. There is an airfield for jet aircraft testing, and Edwards Air Force Base is nearby.
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As a Palmdale businessman, the owner and operator of his own hardware store, and a community activist, Chimbole had first-hand knowledge of how things worked to the benefit of their neighbor to the north.
I am confident that Scenic Airlines will be the first of several airlines to choose Palmdale in the coming months and years.
Palmdale has some powerful backers in its corner, and they dangled more than $4 million in cash and benefits to entice airlines to take a gamble there.
The announcement was made at a joint press conference held at Los Angeles International Airport, and attended by representatives from business, education/training and economic development organizations in the cities of Los Angeles and Palmdale and Los Angeles County.
I programs including Fresno State, San Diego State and Oregon, Palmdale coach Jeff Williams said.
Kennard said routing high-speed rail through the Antelope Valley could dramatically improve access from the City of Los Angeles to Palmdale, where LAWA is committed to developing to its maximum potential the Palmdale Regional Airport.
The coalition, called Wheels Up Palmdale, will offer more than $2 million in funding to offset operating costs for an airline serving the community and an additional $2.
At a meeting of the Authority held Tuesday in San Francisco, LAWA reaffirmed its commitment to facilitate the growth and expansion of Palmdale Regional Airport into a viable commercial regional airport by strongly supporting a stop in Palmdale by any high-speed rail line that is built.
Community members can join the Palmdale Youth and Community Dance Company by attending Registration Fun Faire on Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.
This is an exciting step forward in bringing commercial air service back to Palmdale,'' Ledford said.
If we can lease it out and bring some money into the general fund, that's fine,'' Palmdale board President Sheldon Epstein said.
It seems the writer, Jeremy Clarkson, had a less-than-thrilling holiday in the States and Palmdale was one of many American targets at which he took aim.