Palmer Park

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Palmer Park

Address:3650 Maizeland Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Size: 740 acres.
Location:5 miles northeast of downtown on Maizeland Road.
Facilities:Picnic areas with shelters, stables, hiking and equestrian trails (25 miles), sports courts, ballfields, sports fields, arboretum, dog-run area, wilderness area, playground, scenic overlook.
Activities:Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, baseball, softball, soccer, football, volleyball, bird watching, rock hounding.
Special Features:Park's spectacular rock formations are the result of geological activity that took place approximately 60 million years ago. Semi-precious rocks and minerals common in the Rocky Mountains, such as quartz, topaz, and jasper, may be found in the park.

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Earlier this month, camps were set up in Palmer Park and Cintra Park and the council was going throughthe legal processes to remove them.
Emilie Kraemer always arrives early for her Wednesday shift at Amy's Hallmark Shop at the Palmer Park Mall in Palmer Township.
To walk onto the newly restored outdoor courts at Detroit's Palmer Park, one can almost feel the presence of the handball greats of another era who played there.
Hudson Co., me streetcar ride from the state fairgrounds to downtown, the amusement park in East Detroit, Tiger Stadium, Hamtramck, ice skating in Palmer Park, and the Detroit art museum, just to name a few.
Back in 1996 when receptionist Debbie, aged just 22, started the Maindy Flyers there was just one other cycling club dedicated to children in Britain, Reading's Palmer Park Velo.
PALMER PARK -- Calling himself "a joker," a Maryland man with an arsenal of guns threatened to shoot up a business he was being fired from, and was wearing a T-shirt that said "Guns don't kill people.
Kirklees Cycling Academy had several riders competing, with Sunnivah Waterman getting their best result with ninth in the Under 10 Boys and Girls race, Henry Hollyman and James Ince were 14th and 15th - the race won by Ben Tulett (Palmer Park Velo).
Serving pre-K through eighth grade and roughly 450 students, the Palmer Park Preparatory Academy (P3A) will open in Detroit Public Schools this sans principal--replacing the Barbara Jordan Elementary School, which dosed in spring 2010 to become a turnaround school after being identified as low performing, q-he school, which DPS students and families will apply to, is modeled after similar schools in Boston, Milwaukee, Denver and Los Angeles.
(she is an American citizen), and in Palmer Park, she has written a quintessentially American play--a compelling account of honorable people struggling with issues of race and class, friendship and community.
The youth race was won by Josh Papworth (Wyre Forest CRC), with Henry Barnes (Palmer Park Velo) leading the under-12s.
Something occurs to me in the campus library, or in my study overlooking a tree-lined street, or driving through Palmer Park. It takes a couple of weeks to recognize a third journey, my own.

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