Palmer Park

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Palmer Park

Address:3650 Maizeland Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Size: 740 acres.
Location:5 miles northeast of downtown on Maizeland Road.
Facilities:Picnic areas with shelters, stables, hiking and equestrian trails (25 miles), sports courts, ballfields, sports fields, arboretum, dog-run area, wilderness area, playground, scenic overlook.
Activities:Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, baseball, softball, soccer, football, volleyball, bird watching, rock hounding.
Special Features:Park's spectacular rock formations are the result of geological activity that took place approximately 60 million years ago. Semi-precious rocks and minerals common in the Rocky Mountains, such as quartz, topaz, and jasper, may be found in the park.

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Reading Borough Councilis launching a consultation into its plans to introduce car park fees at Central Pool in Battle Street, South Reading Leisure Centre in Northumberland Avenue,Whitley, Palmer Park in Wokingham Road and Prospect Park in Leibenrood Road inTilehurst.
Palmer Park in Coatesville, Pennsylvania is receiving a $150,000 grant award to revitalize the well-loved neighborhood park, transforming it into a source of community pride and a healthy, thriving place for children, families, and adults to recreate.
They would make yearly trips to Detroit, John's hometown, where they entered the national three-wall championship at Palmer Park.
On Log Cabin Day in 2012, I had a very inspiring experience when I attended a fundraising event to restore a log home in Detroit's Palmer Park.
PALMER PARK -- Calling himself "a joker," a Maryland man with an arsenal of guns threatened to shoot up a business he was being fired from, and was wearing a T-shirt that said "Guns don't kill people.
Serving pre-K through eighth grade and roughly 450 students, the Palmer Park Preparatory Academy (P3A) will open in Detroit Public Schools this sans principal--replacing the Barbara Jordan Elementary School, which dosed in spring 2010 to become a turnaround school after being identified as low performing, q-he school, which DPS students and families will apply to, is modeled after similar schools in Boston, Milwaukee, Denver and Los Angeles.
The neighborhood and its struggle to remain multiracial, which ultimately failed, are commemorated in Glass's 2008 play Palmer Park, which had its premiere last August at Canada's Stratford Shakespeare Festival, directed by Ron OJ Parson.
Something occurs to me in the campus library, or in my study overlooking a tree-lined street, or driving through Palmer Park.
The family enjoys playing at Detroit's famous Palmer Park and Rouge Park golf courses.
Along with other DebRA marathon runners, she will be taking part in a training session in Palmer Park Stadium, Reading, hosted by Olympic athletes Bernie Lewis and Simone Jacobs.
However, the car was used to transport her to a secluded section of Palmer Park in Colorado Springs, where the assault took place, and was also used by the assailant to return to a more urban location where he abandoned Kastner in the car and escaped.

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