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a place where live animals are kept under natural conditions for study, research, etc.
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an enclosure in which different animals, mainly laboratory animals used for experimental purposes, are kept. A vivarium can also be used as a place to breed animals. There are specialized vivariums for dogs, monkeys, and other animals and general vivariums in which various animal species are kept. Vivariums are used mostly to keep dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, white rats, white mice, hamsters, and gerbils. Vivariums may include aquariums, insectaries, terraria, and open-air cages for birds.

Microbiological research organizations have vivariums in which animals that are particularly susceptible to diseases caused by microorganisms (such as mice and rats) are usually kept. To prevent the spread of diseases, including those experimentally induced, the animals are usually kept in isolated, easily disinfected metal or glass cages.

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An enclosure for raising animals and keeping them under observation.
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