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On the Tuesday there was a bitter frost, and the ground rung like iron beneath the feet of the horses; yet ere evening the prince himself, with the main battle of his army, had passed the gorge and united with his vanguard at Pampeluna.
By the Thursday morning the whole army was encamped in the Vale of Pampeluna, and the prince had called his council to meet him in the old palace of the ancient city of Navarre.
To mend the matter, when we came to Pampeluna it continued snowing with so much violence and so long, that the people said winter was come before its time; and the roads, which were difficult before, were now quite impassable; for, in a word, the snow lay in some places too thick for us to travel, and being not hard frozen, as is the case in the northern countries, there was no going without being in danger of being buried alive every step.
From returning love for the Prince, or from fear, she acquiesced; for it is certain that Urquijo was dismissed, banished, and imprisoned in the citadel of Pampeluna in 1800 [.
The wounding of Loyola at the siege of Pampeluna in his legs is a fact well known, but his undergoing the operation of having his leg broke again from the unskilfulness of his surgeons, is not so: "Porque ni mudo color, ni gimio, ni suspiro, ni hubo siquiera un ay, ni dijo palabra que mostrase flaqueza" (Rivadeneira, Vida, cap.