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Sitting on one of the marble benches in the patio, one might look up and around to take note of the surrounding detail: cartouehes in glazed polychromed terra cotta depicting maps of the Americas and doves of peace; plaques bearing the names of the heroes of American nations; the coats of arms of the original member nations of the Pan American Union; the escutcheon of Canada; and the symbols for freedom and justice.
The Museum of the Americas Foundation is now engaged in a Herculean effort to design and build a facility in Washington, D.C., which will share the site with and be connected to the historic Pan American Union Building.
By 1913 the Bureau of American Republics had evolved into the Pan American Union, with a permanent staff and headquarters in Washington, D.C.
That conference launched a multilateral process whose many manifestations include the elaboration of law and cooperative agreements, the establishment of the Bureau of American Republics, and the emergence of the Pan American Union, predecessor of the OAS, today's pre-eminent political framework for inter-American relations.

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