Pan Tien-Shou

P’an T’ien-Shou


Born 1897 in Chekiang province; died 1965. Chinese painter, master of kuohua. Also a calligrapher, poet, and art historian. Honorary member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (1958).

P’an T’ien-shou studied under Wu Ch’ang-shih. He taught at art institutes in Shanghai, Peking, and Hangchou. Broad, free brushwork is characteristic both of his landscapes (Autumn Night and The Junks Are Skimming), which are imbued with a feeling of epic force, and his works in the “flowers and birds” style, such as Faded Lotuses (at the Hermitage, Leningrad).


Chungkuo huihuashih (History of Chinese Painting). Shanghai, 1936.