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Pan-American Highway,

system of roads, c.16,000 mi (25,750 km) long, linking the nations of the Western Hemisphere. It was suggested at the Fifth International Conference of American States (1923) and supported and financed by the United States during the 1940s and 1950s. Gaps are in Panama (Darién Gap) and N Colombia, in the section called the Inter-American HighwayInter-American Highway,
c.3,400 mi (5,470 km) long, section of the Pan-American Highway system from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, to Panama City, Panama. Much of the highway prior to 1941 had been built by the countries concerned, but wartime necessity led the United States to
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. The route from Yaviza (Panama) to Colombia is surveyed but not constructed. The section between the United States and the Panama Canal is popular with tourists driving to Mexico. Climatic zones along the highway vary from lush jungle to cold mountain passes nearly 15,000 ft (4,572 m) high. The scenery is often spectacular, and the highway crosses many picturesque localities. The system is far from uniform; some stretches are passable only during the dry season, and in several regions driving is occasionally hazardous. In the late 1960s, much of the highway was improved.
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With more heavy rain forecast, authorities have closed part of the Pan-American Highway.
Snaking for 26,000 kilometers between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, the Pan-American highway lumbers to a muddy halt in Panama's Darien Gap.
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is putting up "$1.5 million to finance the environmental studies related to the completion of the last section of the Pan-American Highway," says a Panamanian Ministry of Foreign Relations document.
The Pan-American Highway runs unbroken from Alaska to the shore of Magellan's Strait, save for one gap: the 185 kilometer expanse of Central America's largest remaining continuous rain forest.
The closure of the Pan-American Highway by the Ngabes Bugle Indians has caused losses to the agricultural sector estimated at $3.2 million, Oscar Osorio, head of the Ministry of Agricultural, reports (Feb.
A SCOTS family are taking an extraordinary 30,000-mile cycle journey down the route of the Pan-American Highway.
The Pan-American Highway, running from Alaska to Argentina, is the jugular vein of road trade and tourism in the Americas.
Another portion of the funds is for rehab and maintenance of the Pan-American Highway, part: Penonome-Aguadulce, Province of Cocle.
It is home to the Panama Canal, the monumental Pan-American Highway, Itaipu hydroelectric plant straddling Iguazu falls and the highest single-gauge rail line in the world, the line that crests at Ticlio, Peru.
PAVING THE PAN-AMERICAN HIGHWAY. Panama has received a loan from The Inter-American Development Bank for a Program of Sustainable Development in Darien (Loan No.